Opulence is a blog of the thoughts, life, and experiences of the African American Author Steven M. Martin. He expresses his views on the world as he talks about dealing with issues as an African in America. Follow his experiences and lets grow together! 

Everyday, I struggle to become conscious. I want to be the best black man that I can be. However, I deal with the struggle of being a black man in America. ​
I have a dream.
I want to love myself.
I mean, really love myself.
I want to like what I see in the mirror.
I want to see my people build their own nation.
I want to start a family.
I want to be a husband.
I want to be a father.
I want to motivate people to think.
I want to change lives.
I want to leave a legacy on this planet.
I want to know the truth!

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